Thursday, May 31, 2012

He raised the bar.

I am so in need of help as to what to get my husband for Fathers Day and his birthday.  Fathers Day is June 17 and his birthday is June 20.  

I have been racking my brain on what to get him.
First off, as a person who does not work, my funds are crazy limited.  He really went all out for Mothers Day.  I got clothes, shoes, jewelry, tanning package, a weekend of no cooking, and all the loving I could handle from my family.  He definitely raised the bar.  Ideally, I would love to get him a gun but my budget will not allow for the one he has been eyeing.  He is incredibly hard to shop for too. 
He is a guys guy.  He is a country boy.  He is amazing.  He is mine :)
and yet I have no idea what to get this man!

The 5Gs don't really apply to him.  
No Gadgets, its not his thing. Golf, no.  Gift Baskets, impersonal.  Grooming, he is good.  Grill, he is pretty covered.  I thought about getting him a brander with his initials, but honestly, he could make it for less. 


he deserves it.


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Lacey Marie said...

Did you try searching Etsy for something personal? Just type in key words that make you think of him and see what ya get!