Saturday, May 12, 2012

beyond AMAZING!

My husband is as titled, beyond AMAZING!

We have been pinching pennies more so than usual lately with everything going on with getting our home.  (s/n:the process is taking forever)  He could tell that this momma was in need of a lot.  More so than anything he told me how he could tell that I need to become healthier mentally.  Something we both feel starts physically in my case.  I need to feel better about myself inside and out.  As far as the mental, he works on that everyday.  Constant kisses and even when I know I look a hot mess, he tells me I am beautiful.  The physical, well the hubs decided to spoil me with with some gift cards and a tanning package for mom's day.  He has to give gifts early, I am all over our accounts.  I went out yesterday and killed a gift card.  Feeling good about my warm time wardrobe and my super cute wedges.  I still have more shopping to do too!  I gave him a little fashion show last night and heard him not just tell me I was beautiful, but gave me the 
"You look hot!"
Score!  Now that's what I am talking about.

thanks for being my reason to smile Mr. Thompson, 
I love you more every and more every day.  


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