Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Half Birthday ♥

Today is lil Miss Blakely's half birthday!
I decided I would take her outside, in my yard that needs to be cut some kinda bad, and take some photos to mark this day.
She was so psyched for her little mini photo session.

this one here is my fave.  at six months her hand is always in her mouth, this seemed to be the most natural pose.  then she got diva on me...
a little bit of duck face...
followed by, i am to cute to smile...

then the, i am to good to look at your camera... but
seriously, are her eyes not just ridiculously gorgeous!?!
and then the, just kidding with you momma!

lydia & blakely too!

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Lacey Marie said...

Sending my love to blakely girl today! The big .50 ;) love y'all!