Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100 day notice?!?!?

Hey You :)

So with the move to Prince George in our near future I subscribed to receive county emails.  I clicked through and chose the ones I would be interested in.  Parks and Rec, ya know that kind of stuff.  I usually only do subscriptions on my yahoo account, which has a redonkulous amount of mail in it.  So I just got my first email and let me tell you, MommaLoo is not happy.  Yes, I referred to myself.  I am having a moment, bear with me.  In all realness, they were just the bearer of bad news.  The email subject read

Prince George County: 

100 Day Notice for 2012 General Election- 11/6/2012

So what is wrong with this you might be saying to yourself.
Let me tell ya, 

11/6/2012 is my 30th Birthday!!!!!shhhhhhhh!!!!!

I am now realizing that there is going to be an official countdown to a huge birthday for me.  Reminders are going to stare me down from here on out.  I can already see the countdowns in the corner of screens and the ticker on news channels reminding me.  

Oh, joy.