Monday, February 27, 2012

what to wear, what to wear

happy Monday folks!

The question I think I have asked myself the most is...
"What am I going to wear today?
and I found myself thinking...

ain't that the truth!  much funner too!

Turquoise and Coral, two of my faves!


Pinks, Pearls and Polka Dots, oh my!

This so speaks to my inner cowgirl!

I am so a jeans and tshirt, stretchy pants and a cami sort of girl.  I stay home ALOT!  
I do think I have incredible taste though and clean up very well :)

The right outfit can totally put you in the right mood.  All these would make me feel uber happy.  

Happy Pinning!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Psst... I know about an awesome giveaway!

Well Hello Beautiful.  How are you today?  
Oh me, I am just peachy.  

I have been coming up with some new blog topics and getting all excited about how bloggy I am getting.  Feeling a bit of a tickle about it.
Anyway today is not about me.

Its about this girl...

Lacey from Lacey in Love.  

 I'm not sending you to go read a blog by a kid but rather my kid cousin.
 When I left Louisiana to move to Texas I seriously thought that everyone there froze in time.  
This is how I remembered Lacey.  
Its funny to me how this first pic of her is the stage J is in now with teeth just all over the place and I swear he has never smiled so big as he does in photos these days.  Much like she is here.  The second pic was the next time I saw her.  Way to long right.  My thoughts too.  By that point she had all her teeth!  Lacey, and her older bro and sis, lived next door to our Nanny and Granddaddy so not only did I think she was super lucky in that fact but because it meant us cousins were around a lot.  Playing with my cousins is one of my most strongest memories I have as a kid.  Lacey and her siblings are part of many of those.  Such as... 

The infamous front porch swing and singing 
"Hey, hey, we're the monkees.  People say we monkey around."    
The funeral of a great roach named Fred.  Yes, we had a funeral for a roach.  Don't judge.
Doing the redneck whirlpool in her backyard above ground pool.  
Running around the yard and playing til all hours.
... and many more.

My Granddaddy used to tell me how he couldn't get the grass to grow in front of the tree in the front yard anymore from us kids running circles around it, but he loved that way.

So to the giveways...

This week Lacey in Love is celebrating BABY WEEK.
There are four different giveaways with multiple entries allowed.  
1 item of their choice from Lacey in the Sky!
the chance to choose from 4 nursing/teething necklaces!
a mixed metal custom baby name necklace!
 your choice of an adorable print neck travel pillow & strap covers set!

Go check it out and then read on.  See what she looks like now in 2012.  
She is a great writer and truth be told kinda inspired me to jump on this whole blogging thing.  
I know you will love her as much as I do.  Well, maybe not that much ;)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poo Poo...


Well first off the kinda self explanatory part.

The Adventures of Momma...
As anyone who is a mom, has a mom, witnessed motherhood, 
(if you do not fall under one of those categories, who the heck are you?)
you know that being a momma is quite an adventure.  
I love being a mom.  When I was a teenager I had six different surgeries on my cervix and was told I would likely not be able to have children, I would get pregnant but wouldn't be able to carry to term.  I convinced myself that I didn't want any.  That I had spent my young life babysitting my brothers and was totally okay with not having kiddos.  I lied to myself a lot back then.

At the age of 19, when I met my husband, that changed. 
I was ready to be honest and admit to myself I wanted to be a wife, I wanted to be a mom. 

It has been the single greatest adventure of my life ♥

my babies. my handsome 8 year old, J. my sweet 3month old baby girl, B.  and marley too.

Now skip to the ...Loo.
When I was a baby I was nicknamed PooPoo.  Done giggling?  Okay good.
Somehow and very thankfully that turned into Pookie Poo.
From time to time by Mom calls me Pookie Poo but for the most part the only person who ever consistently called me Pookie Poo was my Granddaddy.  
I loved calling him and when he answered the phone he would so happily and lovingly say
It warmed my heart like no other.  Still does.  I type this with a smile cause I can hear that sweet voice in my head.  I do not know who the first one to call me Looloo was to be completely honest.  It happened and it stuck sometime around 1995, I think.  
Merge the Momma and the Looloo and you have yourself


Thanks for reading and letting me share my Adventure with you.
and I thought this was going to be a short lil post.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is real life...

No more Facebook for me.

This is a really good thing.

It has been five days since I deleted my fb and let me tell you why...

I came to a realization that I spent way to much time on fb.  I was really missing out on a lot of human interaction.  Instead of calling friends, I would fb them.  I was fb friends with people that were left in my past for good reason.  Tired of pretending I am closer to people than I obviously really am.  Family included.  Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed catching up with some people and it has helped me to bring some relationships closer but it being a substitute for real communication is just no longer acceptable for me. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hitting a wall but I am trying to get past it and keep on blogging.  So...


(i took this pic superbowl sunday, 3 days is recent enough)

I do not think I am that interesting.

I am cheap when it comes to spending money on myself. 
I REFUSE to buy myself stuff I admit I NEED.  Which led to...

I used to have a problem with shoplifting and went to therapy for it.

I actually have to put effort into being girly, shouldn't that just come natural??

I can be very ungrateful.  I am working on it.

I went to 11 different schools from K-12 before dropping out my senior year, and didn't  get my GED until I was 26.

I have tried almost every drug out there.

I love the sound of my voice when I am singing to my babies.

I lost my virginity at 13, which freaks me out cause I have a 14 year old stepdaughter.

I thought I was going to be a dance choreographer when I grew up.  Now, I only dance in my kitchen.

I eloped but kept it secret til I found out I was preggers with my son.  I had to tell everyone "I'm pregnant but its cool cause I have been married for months!"  :)

I use a fork and knife to cut my hot pockets then eat them with my fingers.  

I am TERRIFIED of snakes.  
I've had a reoccurring nightmare of being in my Pawpaws boat and being surrounded by a sea of snakes.

I have never been further North than the Mason-Dixon line.  Ever.  

I apparently do not know the meaning of 'challenge' cause I totally thought this would be easier.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

kazoos = love

So I am trying to seriously get this blog going.  I have dubbed Tuesday as my cute celeb day.

I must admit, I watch 2 Broke Girls, but I am not that in love with it.  Now having witnessed Beth Behrs cuteness potential, I may tune in more.  

I mean really, how cute are they!! 
How can you not completely love someone who 'kazoos u' 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tickle, Tickle, Tickle, yea yea

You will never listen to this song the same...

...after hearing this...

...this may be a good thing.
Your welcome.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

hE LoVeS mE

My hubby is the cutest

see... told ya!

I love him more than I ever thought possible.  He is incredibly intelligent (which is very sexy) and extremely funny (which is even sexier).  His random compliment last night....

he called me Snoop Dogg.

Yep!  That Snoop.  
This was a very loving compliment from my hunny.