Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100 day notice?!?!?

Hey You :)

So with the move to Prince George in our near future I subscribed to receive county emails.  I clicked through and chose the ones I would be interested in.  Parks and Rec, ya know that kind of stuff.  I usually only do subscriptions on my yahoo account, which has a redonkulous amount of mail in it.  So I just got my first email and let me tell you, MommaLoo is not happy.  Yes, I referred to myself.  I am having a moment, bear with me.  In all realness, they were just the bearer of bad news.  The email subject read

Prince George County: 

100 Day Notice for 2012 General Election- 11/6/2012

So what is wrong with this you might be saying to yourself.
Let me tell ya, 

11/6/2012 is my 30th Birthday!!!!!shhhhhhhh!!!!!

I am now realizing that there is going to be an official countdown to a huge birthday for me.  Reminders are going to stare me down from here on out.  I can already see the countdowns in the corner of screens and the ticker on news channels reminding me.  

Oh, joy.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Its been a while...

Did you just start singing that old Staind song?  I did.  It use to be one of my faves over ten years ago, dang I am old.  Anywho...

So I know I have been more that distant as of late but its only cause I am trying to spare you.  Its my attempt to keep every post from being: I'm stressed, I have anxiety, this house stuff is going to be the death of me, etc., you get it.

How about a few updates though.

We are buying these 88 wooded acres in PG county which has meant a lot of work with planning and zoning.  It has been a process for sure.  I am anticipating most things with the county to be finalized this week so we can start moving ahead.  I have actually started packing already.  I need everything about where we are in life right now to feel as temporary as possible.  It is what will inevitably keep me sane.  In the meantime, we, okay well not me, but the guys and some friends, have been working on clearing the property.  I am absolutely convinced there is nothing that my husband does not have the ability to do.  He's the man :)  Speaking of, the 5th of July marked 10 years that we have actually been together, crazy!  

Jay is doing great.  We finally finished all his state testing and got his scores back and he passed.  As I looked through the test before he took it I was sure he would ace it cause it was all stuff he knew well.  He missed a few but not many.  I am still so nervous about him going into 3rd grade this school year and hoping he adjusts quickly back to public school.  In short, I am just hoping I did not screw my kid up this past year homeschooling.  We had planned on him playing football this season but with everything we have going on, we had to pass.  We have made quite a few sacrifices this year to get things lined up to buy our home.  I feel like we have had a semi-crappy summer but he is not the one to complain, thankfully.  I am so unbelievably proud of the man he is becoming.  He is at this age where so much is changing with himself and in our life as a family and I can see how it is molding him into something even greater than he was the day before.  The size of his heart is overwhelming at times.  I love this boy so much ♥

and Little Miss Blakely Boo, let me tell you, she is growing up so fast.  8 months has gone by so quick!  I would say she is well over 20 pounds.  We had to upgrade her out of her infant seat.  She loves her new Britax though cause she gets to sit so high up and see out the windows, and it means Mommy carries her everywhere now.  She crawls, but only to the nearest object to climb up.  She has even perfected the gentle fall to her bottom, after many times of not falling so gracefully.  She wants to eat, like everything.  Loves her some spicy food.  I made some Jambalaya last night and she went crazy over the rice and andouille.  She says her "ma, ma, ma, mas" and "da, da, da, da, das" and "bu, bu, bu, bu, bubs".  Here a few minutes ago Jay let out a "boom, boom, pow" while playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii and she sure nuff copied him with her own "boom, boom, pow".  It was another one of those moments that just made me wanna eat Jay up.  He gets so excited over everything she does, that's his girl.  She fusses just for her bubba sometimes.  I love their bond.

I am still only at ten followers, but finally hit a mini milestone with over 1000 page views.  I know most bloggers get that in a day but as someone who is super new and doesn't post much, I am happy bout it.  

So here are a few random, unedited pics of the last few weeks.  No collaging,  No picmonkeying, just all as is.
sweet cuddles.

big girl seat!
playdate with our fave lil guy.
what the guys do when they aren't chopping trees, see Jays tongue, that means business!

no more baby tub!

"you looking at me"

No, you cannot have any.

bubba and B

told you I can stand up!