Thursday, February 23, 2012

Psst... I know about an awesome giveaway!

Well Hello Beautiful.  How are you today?  
Oh me, I am just peachy.  

I have been coming up with some new blog topics and getting all excited about how bloggy I am getting.  Feeling a bit of a tickle about it.
Anyway today is not about me.

Its about this girl...

Lacey from Lacey in Love.  

 I'm not sending you to go read a blog by a kid but rather my kid cousin.
 When I left Louisiana to move to Texas I seriously thought that everyone there froze in time.  
This is how I remembered Lacey.  
Its funny to me how this first pic of her is the stage J is in now with teeth just all over the place and I swear he has never smiled so big as he does in photos these days.  Much like she is here.  The second pic was the next time I saw her.  Way to long right.  My thoughts too.  By that point she had all her teeth!  Lacey, and her older bro and sis, lived next door to our Nanny and Granddaddy so not only did I think she was super lucky in that fact but because it meant us cousins were around a lot.  Playing with my cousins is one of my most strongest memories I have as a kid.  Lacey and her siblings are part of many of those.  Such as... 

The infamous front porch swing and singing 
"Hey, hey, we're the monkees.  People say we monkey around."    
The funeral of a great roach named Fred.  Yes, we had a funeral for a roach.  Don't judge.
Doing the redneck whirlpool in her backyard above ground pool.  
Running around the yard and playing til all hours.
... and many more.

My Granddaddy used to tell me how he couldn't get the grass to grow in front of the tree in the front yard anymore from us kids running circles around it, but he loved that way.

So to the giveways...

This week Lacey in Love is celebrating BABY WEEK.
There are four different giveaways with multiple entries allowed.  
1 item of their choice from Lacey in the Sky!
the chance to choose from 4 nursing/teething necklaces!
a mixed metal custom baby name necklace!
 your choice of an adorable print neck travel pillow & strap covers set!

Go check it out and then read on.  See what she looks like now in 2012.  
She is a great writer and truth be told kinda inspired me to jump on this whole blogging thing.  
I know you will love her as much as I do.  Well, maybe not that much ;)


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Lacey Marie said...

OH. MY. WORD!!! Hahaha those photos! I love them! Aint that the truth about toothy grins? Always the biggest, happiest one! Some of my most cherished memories are the ones you mentioned of us as children. Man, it makes me miss Grandaddy so much. I WAS SO LUCKY to live next door to him & get to see him every day...and to get that opportunity to know all of my cousins. I think that may have been one of my greatest blessings EVER. Thanks for all of the support and love! xo [p.s. you MUST send me these full photos!!]