Monday, February 27, 2012

what to wear, what to wear

happy Monday folks!

The question I think I have asked myself the most is...
"What am I going to wear today?
and I found myself thinking...

ain't that the truth!  much funner too!

Turquoise and Coral, two of my faves!


Pinks, Pearls and Polka Dots, oh my!

This so speaks to my inner cowgirl!

I am so a jeans and tshirt, stretchy pants and a cami sort of girl.  I stay home ALOT!  
I do think I have incredible taste though and clean up very well :)

The right outfit can totally put you in the right mood.  All these would make me feel uber happy.  

Happy Pinning!

1 comment:

Patria said...

I need a closet like that! That's soooo my style :) Unfortnately most days my mornings start off with me thinking...Ok...What NOT to wear! Too fat, too bunchy, too dark, too depressing, too small, too short, too tight, too high school to represent the beautiful young woman that I feel like I am when I wake up every morning. My wardrobe needs a serious makeover!