Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poo Poo...


Well first off the kinda self explanatory part.

The Adventures of Momma...
As anyone who is a mom, has a mom, witnessed motherhood, 
(if you do not fall under one of those categories, who the heck are you?)
you know that being a momma is quite an adventure.  
I love being a mom.  When I was a teenager I had six different surgeries on my cervix and was told I would likely not be able to have children, I would get pregnant but wouldn't be able to carry to term.  I convinced myself that I didn't want any.  That I had spent my young life babysitting my brothers and was totally okay with not having kiddos.  I lied to myself a lot back then.

At the age of 19, when I met my husband, that changed. 
I was ready to be honest and admit to myself I wanted to be a wife, I wanted to be a mom. 

It has been the single greatest adventure of my life ♥

my babies. my handsome 8 year old, J. my sweet 3month old baby girl, B.  and marley too.

Now skip to the ...Loo.
When I was a baby I was nicknamed PooPoo.  Done giggling?  Okay good.
Somehow and very thankfully that turned into Pookie Poo.
From time to time by Mom calls me Pookie Poo but for the most part the only person who ever consistently called me Pookie Poo was my Granddaddy.  
I loved calling him and when he answered the phone he would so happily and lovingly say
It warmed my heart like no other.  Still does.  I type this with a smile cause I can hear that sweet voice in my head.  I do not know who the first one to call me Looloo was to be completely honest.  It happened and it stuck sometime around 1995, I think.  
Merge the Momma and the Looloo and you have yourself


Thanks for reading and letting me share my Adventure with you.
and I thought this was going to be a short lil post.

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