Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And it went a little something like this...

Our Memorial Weekend was pretty rad.

The hubby has been putting in a ton of hours the last few weeks working and working with little, if any, time off.  We had been looking forward to his weekend so much.  No alarm clocks and not waking up before the sun.  Its something I have to many times before taken for granted.  Spent my whole Friday shopping.  It was crazy out.  It reminded me of a major storm prep.    All the essentials were missing off shelves but instead of toilet paper and flashlights it was like no hot dog buns and no solo cups.  My oh my the weather was humid here.  Also reminded me of before a storm, hmm, my head is very gulf coast right now.  Sidetracking...  

I really wanted to make the jello shooters going around on pinterest that look like watermelons.  I was so stoked about it and even got watermelon flavored vodka.  Let me tell you, a lime is really hard to get right without breaking skin.  It could of been I accidently bought a bag of key limes.  I gave up very quickly on this.  I next went for the oranges, they have got to be easier, right?  Ha!  I partially think I may have just been out of patience from my long day shopping.  I gave up quickly on it too.  My hubby and BIL had to show me up and make it look all easy until I went ahead and finished the oranges.  I am super happy I did too.  Everyone loved them!  They did not make it to a photo.  Sorry.  The last time I had made jello shooters I had got these plastic shot cups that were just long enough to annoy the hell out of you cause you were hurting the bottom of your tongue trying to get it out.  So yea, I got much kudos on the ease of these shooters.  I made some Madagascar jigglers for the kids, they were happy too and didn't even need the vodka :)

So Friday was spent shopping for me, yardwork for the guys.   Blakely had the very important task of being a sweet baby while we finished our to-dos, she rocked that out.

Saturday we fired up the grill early to get the cooking out of the way.  As I have said before, the hubby creates magic on that thing.

3 Racks of Ribs, 2 Pork Shoulders and 1 Brisket later...  oh yeah, and we had dogs and burgers.  Everything was amazing!!  I made my "you don't have to like slaw to love this" coleslaw and my infamous cheese dip and.  I 'wo'manned the magic bullet pumping out frozen margaritas and banana coladas.  So good!

I had my first jello shooter at about 10am so by 10pm, I was ready for bed, I felt so old.  Even more so my lil BIL had his girlfriend and a couple of her friends over.  I felt extremely old at that point.  Some great friends of ours drive down from Louisa and some of our local people came over also.  All in all, it was a really great day filled with amazing food and amazing drinks.

Our Sunday was filled with laziness and left overs.  Also, magical.
We raided Redbox and closed the blinds and laid around all day long.  Blakely stayed naked and was happy for the lounging and constant snuggles.  Her first tooth finally broke through and she is handling teething way better than her big bro did.  

Our Monday...
So for my husband and his family Memorial Day weekend feels more about the memory of his brother.  He and I had met during our senior year of high school but did not really know each other.  He died Memorial Day 2000 when his car hydroplaned and he ran off the road at the age of 19.  I know it is hard for everyone in their family this time of year.  We had his parents and brother over for a delicious dinner and just spent some time together.

Four days went by way to fast!
This morning all I wanted to do was sleep in with the hubby.  Back to work he went though.  To often I take for granted what an amazing man my husband has grown to be.  Then he reminds me, without even trying.  I am one lucky lady to be loved by this man.  He is everything I never even realized I wanted and needed.  ♥

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