Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Round One 4Q1A

Hey you guys!  (I totally said that in my Electric Company voice)
So finally a change up from a Wordless or Wordful its the all new...

 "Four Questions, One Answer" 
 done by the amazing Lacey in Love.

The instrucci√≥nes are simple.  You choose ONE question to answer at length and answer the rest of the questions with ONE word only.  
I favor simplicity so I dig it.

1} What is your least favorite nickname/pet name?  Sissy.  

2} Where were you when you received your first kiss?  I was in a boys bedroom, and super young, like first grade!  Looking back I was there a lot, where the hell were my 'rents?  I would ride over there on my bike and stay for hours with only his teenage sister watching us.  I was either really trusted or really neglected, I will get back to you on that...

3} Do you believe in karma?  indubitably.  

4} What is your favorite Summertime treat?  frozen.    

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Lacey in Love



Kelly said...

Here I Louisiana frozen summer treats are a MUST!!

Christina said...

First grade? You go, girl! Hahaha.

Stopping by from the linkup :)

Lacey Marie said...

I sure hope it was a closed mouth kiss! Hahahaha!