Thursday, June 7, 2012

I scored ;)


So in case I had not previously mentioned I am a Craigslist stalker.
I stalk the free section of Craigslist so much that I went set up notifications on my phone so that I know as soon as something new is posted.  I have got quite a few things this way.  A lot of junk is posted but the only way to get some gems is to be the first one to jump.  None the less all that was for nothing cause this righteous find was not from the free section.

As I was perusing the Baby & Kid section I saw an ad for Blakelys formula.
I had the guy send me the info so that I can check for recalls and since all was good we met up.  Now let me tell you what I got... 

Two Boxes of Gerber Good Start Cooler Bags.  12 Bags/box.  Total 24 Bags.

In each bag there is an ice pack and a can on formula.
Yes, a 12.7 oz can of formula.  At retail you can get a 6 pack of these cans for  about $82.  I now have 24 of them, retail about $328.  

Jay and I set up an assembly line to remove all bags from the plastic and pile the ice packs and cooler bags and I let him form a pyramid with the cans.  He was ecstatic about this mundane task just cause he got to make a pyramid, another score for this Momma.

So now my 7 month old daughter has enough formula to last her til she is on cow's milk.  Awesome!  We can always use ice packs for something or another, especially coming into the hottest time of the year.  So are you wondering how much I paid for this $328 worth of formula....  
$25!!  Yep!!  How great is that!?!?

Now, I am left with one problem.
What the heck do I do with 24 cooler bags??  Any ideas??



Lacey Marie said...

Sell them on craigslist, duh ;) Hahaha! Awesome buy!!

Catina said...

Applicque/Patch over the Gerber, Paint pens for names. Presents!

Lydia Thompson said...

Haha Lacey! Why didn't I think of that :)

Catina, fab idea!