Monday, April 9, 2012

Willow and leather...

Today makes nine years of being married to the most amazing man.

I feel so lucky to be married to this guy.  He was great then but the man he is today has exceeded all I could have ever imagined.  Seriously, my best friend.  

This picture of us was taken at Berkley Plantation, the suppose to be sight of our wedding.  We eloped!  You can read a small beginning of our story here.  I promise I am going to finish part 2 super soon.

The hubs and I are so excited to be going into this ninth year of marriage being at the place in our lives we are now.  It has taken a lot to get here.  I have been seriously slacking on my blog, I know this.  There is a reason though.  I have been spending the last two weeks touring land and model homes.  Doing paperwork. Talking to a ridiculous amount of people.  All whilst caring for my 5 month old beauty and making an awful attempt at homeschooling my super helpful 8 year old.  So glad to say, its been worth it because...

The Thompson Family is officially under contract for 78 acres of land in Disputanta, Virginia.
 I know 78 acres, OhEmGee!  We are hoping to have our house there by the fall.  Lots and lots to do though.  Even better, my mom is purchasing the 14 acres right next to us!  Our family is now complete since the addition of baby B and now we have our land and soon to be growing old in this home, home.  
This year is going to be the best yet.  

So what did I get for our anniversary?  
Not the traditional willow or the modern leather, but I got 78 ACRES!  
I could not be happier.


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