Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In a nutshell :)

Hey Y'all.  Time to do some real writing here.  My random few lines of post to try and keep this going have not been doing what I have hoped they would for me and my sanity.

Lets start with the here and now...

Time management is not my strong suit as of late.  When you watch stuff like Property Virgins on HGTV it totally fools you.  I admit I have never seen one about purchasing land and putting a house on it.  That is probably for good reason cause there is no way to edit this process for a 30 minute time slot.  Model homes, land development, surveys, land clearing, well, septic, corp of engineers and wetland development, driveways, burying electric lines, establishing an address, PAPERWORK etc. etc.  It is quite overwhelming.

All this while my real life is still going on.  Our refrigerator went out.  So that totally sucks.  I hate to have to buy a new one when we already have a stainless steel one as part of our home package.  Even more than that I hate to have to throw away everything in my fridge currently.  I also hate having to wait on delivery guys who from my experiences are never on time.  Let's hope they are today cause I have an appointment with the surveyor.  

Homeschooling has took a major backseat and I am totes not proud of that.  We just finished his science project for the virtual science fair.  Go check it out his project is Juicing Energy.  Give him a few stars.  It does not affect the judging of actual winners but it makes him feel good :)  The Pinewood Derby race for Cub Scouts is this week and we have not even finished his car yet.  We are such procrastinators :(  Would you like to know another example of my procrastinating?  I still have to file my taxes today!

Baseball season is in full effect for my lil guy and consumes most of our evenings and weekends.  Jay has played machine-pitch the last couple years and is having a hard time adjusting to an unpredictable ball flying at him at a fast speed thrown by his inconsistent coach.  Sometimes these practices are the best moments.  No dishes staring me down waiting to be cleaning, no floor begging to mopped, no piles of clothes longing to be out of the basket. When my only job is to sit on a blanket with my honey B and watch bubbalicious practice.    

My kids are seriously phenomenal.  I almost feel bad for as much help as my son gives me.  I could not do anything without him.  He knows how to make bottles, change diapers and feed his baby sister when I need him to.  He has recently started cleaning his own bathroom and unloading the dishwasher.    I realize that I was crazy hormonal when I decided to home school him and but thank the Lord I did cause he makes my life so much easier.  Blakely is pretty fantastic as far as five month olds are concerned.  She is on an excellent routine which makes outings pretty easy to plan for.  She is not a fussy baby at all.  

My hubby has been working overtime and when he is not he is out doing stuff at the land.  We hiked the property this past Sunday and let me tell you, that was a huge reminder on how out of shape I am.  I was so sore Monday morning.  The good part though, when we got home the hubby checked me for ticks, ya know, in that Brad Paisley sorta way ;)  By the way, I had five ticks, so gross right!  It was so great to really get deep in the woods though and get a feel for the plans my hubby has been talking about.  
I cannot wait for us to begin this new phase of our lives.  


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