Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordful Wednesday, my first eva!!

Hey Y'all.
Going to start trying to kick it in high gear and getting some blog routines going.

First Up...  Wordful Wednesday

I discovered Wordful Wednesdays from Seven Clown Circus.

Here is my day in the form of a picture,    
and a few words to follow, of course.

Today is gorgeous out.  Our Marley dog is the only one able to enjoy it, laying on the deck, getting her some tan.  J and I should be working on a science lesson involving those planets you see there but, we aren't.  J is being an awesome big brother and feeding baby B some sweet tatoes.  Baby B is teething and is being super needy/super lovable, my view changes a bazillion times a day.  What you do not see pictured is the open dishwasher to the left, waiting to be put away.  The sink full waiting to be loaded.  The buffalo chicken breasts sauteing in the pan.  And through great editing, how badly my floor needs to be mopped today.

Hoping to get,
all my chores done, lessons taught and baby smiling to go on a walk today
with these sweet people plus a few more.  


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1 comment:

Patria said...

It all sounds so nice and tidy wrapped up in a blog post like that! LOL If only my afternoons looked that picture perfect I'd always have a wonderful Wednesday!!!! LOL