Thursday, March 15, 2012

Booboo got ouchies :(

Hey y'all!  How has it been going for you?

Pretty decent around these parts.  

Last week lil Miss B had her 4 month shots :(  When I say that it was horrific, I am putting it mildly.  Let me walk you through her appointment...
((insert melodious music and the scene gets hazy))

It was a crisp spring day in the village of Chester.  B and I headed into her pediatric office all smiles.  Things were okay for a while.  She got undressed down to her diapee and I laid her on the scale.  The nurse referred to B as a he.  WHAT?!?  Lil Miss B, cut her a look to the nurse.  I corrected her saying SHE, to which the nurse says "I should have known that pretty Morgan was a girl." Say what?!?  Do you have the wrong file or what?  Correct file, nurse was just in la la land.  So anyway, back to the scale.  B is weighing a very healthy 16 pounds and is now almost 25 inches long!  All smiles still.  The last time B was here was for her two month shots.  So now, I take her off the scale, then the horror begins...

My sweet baby let out a cry I have never heard before.  The highest pitch, blood curdling cry.  Non-stop.  We are now in the room, still crying.  The nurse leaves.  Still crying.  I am clueless on what to do.  I was completely stumped cause she is seriously an amazing baby this is so abnormal.  Tried her bottle, tried soothing sounds, humming, rocking.  Still crying.  The doctor comes in.  He lets me know we will give her about 5 minutes and see if she calms down.  I decide its time to bring her outside and calm her down.  B was flippin out!

She and I go outside.  Immediately calms down.  Awesome.  Lets go back inside.  Hahah wrong momma!!  We do not get past the foyer before she goes to crying again.  Back outside.  Calm.  She is still doing the 'can't catch my breathe cry'.  All is pretty okay though.  We have now been outside about 15 minutes.  Time to go back in.  Immediately begins to cry again.  Just have to get this over with at this point.  She is completely inconsolable.  The doctor comes in and suggests we have her appointment outdoors.  What a great idea, Dr. KC YOU ROCK!  So Dr. KC, B and I head outside for her appointment.  She actually begins to smile again.  Then he tells me we have to go back inside for her shots.  I was expecting that and definitely did not want to ruin the outdoors for her.  As soon as we walk in, she begins to cry again.  I am noticing how blonde her hair is by the shade of red she is turning.  She finally cries herself to sleep in my arms as we wait for the nurse to come in.  I wish she would of came in while she was still crying, not after she calmed down.  This nurse is full of disappointment.  B wakes up for her shots.  She did not cry.  Just stared at me.  Her eyes welled up with tears and bottom lip got all pout-ee.  My heart broke.  They poked her with that needle and her eyes began to pour.  She fussed a tiny bit but it was incomparable to before.  We left her appointment.  We stopped to visit a friend, much needed Momma time and B had her some time with her guy, JP.  She slept for about 14 hours straight that night.  Its exhausting being a baby!

The more I thought about it, I realized she had a full blown anxiety attack.  As soon as she knew that those shots were coming, she got to flipping out.  J has an appt next month and I am going to have to get a sitter cause I cannot do that to her again.  I do not know what I am going to do next time she has to get shots.  This was an adventure, I do not want to have again.




Patria said...

awwwwwww that last pic is so friggin cute! She looks just like JAY!!!! I want to hold her :(

Alexia said...

She's gorgeous! Sucks that she had such a hard time with her shots. But you just hold her tight and kiss away those big crocodile tears and everything will be alright!

Lydia Thompson said...

Thanks Alexia!
Those blue eyes make me melt!

Lydia Thompson said...

spitting image of the hubs!!