Friday, March 2, 2012

"Not I." Said the Looloo.

my fave Seuss saying.
Happy 105th Birthday Dr. Suess.

Do you know how Dr. Seuss came to be?

Well let me school ya...
He was born Theodor Seuss Geisel.  Ya know what else?  He was never even a doctor at all.
Turns outs when Theodor was in college he liked to party hard.  Frat Boy and everything at Dartmouth.  Theodor and his buddies liked the gin, I wonder if they played pong?  Anyway, after he got busted for having a drinking party, if he wanted to continue to write for the school paper he would have to do so under a pseudonym, and so there birthed Seuss.  
Who knew he was such a partier.  Well "Not I."  Said the Looloo.  
They left that out when they were feeding us Green Eggs and Ham back in Kindergarten.  
He added the doctor after he graduated school and planned to earn his Doctor of Philosophy but met his wife and never finished his degree.  This wife of his, she committed suicide due to his cheating, and she had cancer.  What?  Seuss you cheated on your cancer ridden wife!  Uhhmm, is it just me or is anyone else thinking Theodor was kind of a dirtbag.   
Goodness golly, just when you think you know somebody?!?!?
You learn anything about Seuss today?

Oh and did you hear who else is celebrating a birthday today...

Mr. Jon Bon Jovi.  This beefcake is 50 today!!  I would seriously kill for his waistline.  How about all that hair.  I wonder if he shaves his chest now cause if not I bet it is just out of control.

I remember one of my birthdays when I was little, it was before I was 8, just not sure which one.  I was given my first two cassette tapes and one was the Aerosmith, Pump album, and the other, was this guy and the epic Slippery When Wet album.  Yes, I said epic.  Goodtimes.


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