Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laissez le rouleau boules de base!!

I only took one semester of French back in the day.  
It was my fave class we sat on beanbags and everything :)
For the most part the thing I have ever remembered is: Bonjour, je m'appelle Lydia.
In case you didn't take a semester, let me translate.  I am trying to let you know it is time to
Let the baseballs roll!! 
Yet another season of baseball is set to begin.

Oh my kiddo!!  He is growing up so fast on us, its quite unbelievable.
Today he has his first baseball practice of the season.
J has been playing for a few years now.  Tball, then two years of machine pitch.

This year is coach pitch.  Usually he plays a sport every season whether it be ball, football, soccer.  Life has been so crazy with us moving and me having baby B.  He hasn't played anything since his season ended last summer, and let me tell ya, we are so ready!! 

The only thing he has been involved in is Cub Scouts.  
ain't he just the cutest!
He earned a bead the other night at the awards ceremony toward his Wolf badge.  He also earned a gold and silver arrow for his electives, he rocks!

Have a beautiful day my people ♥ 


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Patria said...

Soooo wishing I had time to enroll Savion into some kind of sport. Hopefully soon I will have that time. Looking forward to working for myself and myself only in the near future :)