Tuesday, December 27, 2011

so what’s your life story?

Hey, I'm Lydia.  Nice to meet you.  Here is my first blog.  Ever.  I honestly am not exactly sure of what all its going to about so stick around as I figure it out.  I am a stay at home momma to two beautiful kids and a wife to a pretty sweet husband.  I am looking to get back some of my individuality.  You can expect posts about me constantly trying to figure this life of mine out, some of my past, a lot of my present and even my hopes for the future.  

Last year I went on a job interview where I was jokingly asked, “so what’s your life story?”.  I froze.  Probably why I didn’t get the call back.  A question where there is an unimaginable number of answers you could give and I froze.  

So be prepared for some journeys through my memories.  I will answer to myself the question of “so what’s your life story?”.  A time for me to actually think and reflect.  I think my goal is for this to be somewhat therapeutic and for me to truly put my past behind me and somewhere in this search find where I lost myself.  For young people to see that even though you will live and learn from your mistakes, its so much easier to learn from others and not have that remorse.  For young adults who are struggling to move on from their past to find the faith in themselves to do so.  For other adults to realize they cannot criticize others for where they are in life because you honestly never know what they have overcome on their journey. I feel the need to challenge myself.  To think of where I have been to get to where I need to be and want to be.  When we get to the teenage years you will understand why remembering all this is a literal challenge. 

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